Buzleo Pugs

           The Spirit of Excellence

All our lovely pups from 2020 are now sold and have gone to their wonderful homes. Thank you to all my great puppy buyers for choosing a Buzleo puppy and providing it with a loving five star home. I will always be available to help or advise you with your puppy throughout its lifetime. 

Best Wishes Caryn



We specialise in exporting top quality show dogs. We do not export to Australia, Asia or Russia.  However, sometimes due to timing or other constraints such as transport, we will have a top quality pug puppies available to families in Ireland. If you can offer one of our little pups a five star home please drop me an email and I can add you to our waiting list.

Our Puppies are very special, and we aim to breed the highest quality pugs to the FCI Breed Standard in terms of a quality type.

Health is very important to us.  We only breed from Health tested parents, and this is a priority when choosing different breedings.

We do not breed from unhealthy parents and our pugs have been tested for congenital illnesses.  In the event a puppy of ours should develop such an illness throughout it's life, we have a contract of sale whereby we should be notified immediately, and there would be a refund payable in that instance. Thankfully we have never had this issue.

Our puppies are born and reared like they are royalty. They get the best of everything and they receive a family rearing and obtain optimum socialization from the ages of 4weeks to 12weeks. 

All our pups are family reared, very outgoing, fully vaccinated, IKC registered and microchipped.

Parents are health tested.

Puppy's leave with a comprehensive information pack to help with the transition into their new home.

The puppies are sold subject to contract which will be forwarded to you for consideration prior to buying one of the pups. 

If you are interested in a puppy please send me as much information about yourself and if you wish to be included on our waiting list.

Please call me on 086-8049721 to discuss the pups or email me on [email protected]

When you first contact me please let me know the following 7 details, otherwise I cannot consider you for a puppy:

1. How did you hear about Buzelo Pugs ?

2. Why you have chosen to get a pug ?

3. Where do you live?

3. What is your family composition where the dog will live? Is the house owned or rented?  if you have kids what ages are they?

4. Have you any other dogs? If so what breeds and ages

5. Have you any experience with pugs ?

6. Does your house have an enclosed garden?

7. Who will mind the pug during the day?

Thank you if you send me this information, it will help me alot to understand where the puppy will live and what sort of a personality would suit you.  

Remember, our motto,

 'Life without a Pug is Possible, but is utterly pointless' Caryn